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Winter 2017/18 in photos

Winter 2017/18 provided the best snow we’ve seen in years…

The Summit team worked hard, skied/rode hard, played hard and it was a season that’ll be remembered for years to come.

Here are some of the best bits from Summit 17/18

The season kicked off with 2 weeks training.

Conditions were great for the early season and it’s always good to get everyone together after the summer. We share some ideas on teaching, look at our skiing and anyone new to Summit gets to know what we are about and where the best skiing is

[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”11905,11912,11911,11891,11896,11897,11893,11889,11901″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]
[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”11896,11914,11913,11909,11907,11906,11903,11899,11892″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]

Then it started snowing hard…

Early in the new year, we had two epic storms back to back which. There was some travel chaos, some tough teaching conditions and some incredible skiing.

[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”11868,11869,11866,11865,11863,11862,11861,11859,11874″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]
[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”11976,11971,11972,11969,11981,11978,11979,11974,11968″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]

The team day out was an adventure…

We hit the gorge down from Furi with a few mountain guides from the Alpine Centre for our team day out this season. It pushed a few comfort zones but everyone had a great time and then a good lunch and sledge down.

[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”12011,12010,12003,12004,12005,12006,12000,12009,12007″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]
[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”12029,12030,12031,12023,12022,12021,12020,12019,12018″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]

One last photo shoot…

With conditions being so good we thought it a good time to get a few extra photos done… Joe M took a group of local kids for a shred around the mountain and Henry was there to get some shots.

[vcex_image_grid grid_style=”masonry” columns=”3″ randomize_images=”true” image_ids=”12047,12048,12045,12044,12043,12042,12041,12040,12039″ columns_gap=”none” img_width=”600″ img_height=”600″]

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