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Zermatt snow conditions and start of the season

[vcex_heading text=”Another season off to a good start”]

So here we are again, season 12 for Summit, and things have started well. Yes, there could be more snow, but we are in a high resort with incredible snowmaking abilities.

The resort has opened the runs to town in the last week, even though it has not snowed much in town for a month or so. This means that during the busy Christmas and New Year weeks people can ski to the village.

No doubt it’s been a huge amount of work, but for all of us ski instructors it is great to help the flow of people around the mountain and avoid queues so thank you to the Zermatt snow makers!

[vcex_heading text=”The Summit Team”]

We are a team of thirty on the hill this season, the large majority have worked for us before. The three who have joined this season have either worked in Zermatt before or are ex GB Team. We are so proud of every Summit instructor up there and are sure you will have a great time if you ski with them.


Training week

At the beginning of every season we have training for the team. As a school we want to get a few things out of this. First of all we want to get everyone together, skiing, talking and sharing ideas. We have instructors who work back to back seasons between here and the Southern Hemisphere, we have trainers and examiners for training bodies, we have instructors qualified by BASI, Swiss Snowsports, NZSIA, APSI, PSIA, AMSI and IASI. Getting this many thoughts on skiing together early in the season helps open everyones eyes to different ways to teach, ways people learn and keeps us all skiing well.

This year we spent the two days looking at skier analysis in depth and how we communicate what we say to our clients, as well as teaching beginners and intermediates and how accurate we are with what we do. There were some great discussions throughout the training and as ever we are all learning.

As well as getting into the finer details of ski technique, we are always busy trying to get some great shots of all of us out there skiing….

Christmas Party

We had an early Xmas celebration at the Hotel Bristol. Everyone was dressed up, and there was the occasional glass of wine.

Snow conditions

This is what everyone wants to know about…..so how are they?

Well given it last snowed properly about a month ago and it has been blue sky and often warm ever since, the conditions are incredible. By mid winter standards it is pretty dry, however we have every run to the village open and more pistes are opening all the time. They are narrow and there isn’t much snow off the sides so it is definitely a Christmas to be practicing short turns over race technique (but that’s fun anyway, isn’t it?)

You can listen to the people telling you it’s awesome, don’t worry about the conditions. You can listen to the scaremongers telling you it’s the worst winter in years. All I can say is there is some great skiing to be had and all these pictures were taken in the last week here in Zermatt….

So that’s the start of our season, there has been more snow but we have some great skiing and it is a great time to come and perfect your technique so get in touch with us here.

Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel Summit TV for our weekly ski tips, Zermatt resort info and other skiing news.

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