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Phoebe is quite possibly the best instructor I’ve ever had. and given that i’ve been an adult learner for roughly the last 8 years on and off that is quite a statement! She was punctual, friendly, and easy to talk to – the things some take for granted. But on top of this she was great at picking up on my ability level within the first 20 mins of lesson one, and then pushing me enough to build my confidence, without scaring me. Following the solid foundations of 2 mornings with Phoebe I went on to ski the majority of the Zermatt ski area, including a very long moguled red over by the glacier! In two 3 hour sessions Phoebe achieved what so many before her did not – she made me believe that I am capable of skiing confidently and proficiently. I have never enjoyed any of my lessons as much as I enjoyed the 2 I had with her. So THANK YOU PHOEBE!!

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