Tom Lamond
Bedfordshire – but I live in Zermatt because it’s way cooler!
Number of seasons teaching:
Ski, Off piste skiing, Adaptive
Swiss Snowsports Pro
Swiss Brevet Federal

I always joke with my guests that I am on “Gap year number 10” or is it 11 now? The reality is that I love skiing, love teaching and love sharing my passion for this sport and have made it my career. Having completed my entry level ski exams back in 2008 I have taught every season since and can’t imagine doing anything else.

I joined Summit 9 seasons ago and now live here year round. In the summer I get my adrenaline fix with some downhill mountain biking and climbing.

In the summer:
I stay in Zermatt and work for one of the local chalet companies. In my spare time you’ll always find me up in the mountains either on my mountain bike or dangling off the end of a climbing rope.
My Zermatt insider tip is:
Anything to do with lunching. #lunchwithlemon
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:
I’d love to be a racing car driver.
3 reasons to ski with me:
1. I appreciate skiing can be tiring and at times frustrating. Don’t worry… I am more than open to the idea of a beer or glass of wine should you need to cool off. (Hot chocolate also welcome.)
2. I am one of the few instructors in Zermatt with a special license that allows me to teach off piste. If you’re after something a little more adventurous then I am sure we’ll have some fun!
3. I’m struggling to think of a third reason but if you search for Summit on trip advisor, my past clients all seem to say nice things about me so I must be doing something right ;)