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Luca is an ex racer and then ex office man, but his heart drove him back to his first passions: Skiing and being in the mountains. Teaching allows him to share these passions!

The last few summers Luca has been off in Russia learning Russian and teaching English.

Used Summit for individual instruction and group lessons for the last two years. They are amazing and cannot fault them in anyway. Every instructor we have had has been brilliant and we have massively improved our skiing technique and confidence. Have already booked for next year and don't intend to use another school. They are simply the best!


Luca was the best ski instructor I have ever had across many years and in many ski schools and resorts. He combines a friendly and relaxed attitude with total professionalism and excellent knowledge of the mountains. I was very impressed in particular with the following aspects:

  1. He was able to instantly spot the problems with my technique and address them very quickly through both appropriate explanation and series of progressive exercises to change my bad habits.
  2. He knew the ski area and where it was appropriate to go in variable conditions inside out.
  3. On top of the practical knowledge of skiing technique he was very keen to pass on knowledge about appropriate safety in terms of off piste skiing (appropriate equipment, snow pack analysis, theory of how avalanches occur and what to be aware of at different times of year, training on using transceiver): i really like this mix.
  4. He has very good balance of friendliness and being encouraging and serious professionalism

I also was really impressed and would want to learn from Luca's combination of a clear love of the mountains and skiing and a keen awareness of the importance of appropriate safety precautions and risk management in terms of off piste and back country skiing.

If I am ever in Zermatt again whether alone or with family or friends I will be sure to get lessons (off piste if possible) with Luca again. I was very, very happy with my lessons in terms of the progress I made and enjoyable experience. I will definitely recommend him to any friends looking for lessons in Zermatt.

I think Summit should be extremely happy to have Luca as an instructor. I think he is an excellent and valuable member of your team (and I say that having had the benefit of lessons with other very good Summit instructors in the past, but Luca stands out in positive way even compared to them in my view). Many thanks Luca!


3 reasons to ski with Luca

Skiing: a strong discipline that allows you to experience the freedom of a game played with the snow:… learn the discipline and experience the freedom!

Funny learning + Effective improvement + Experiencing the freedom + Delicious food + Amazing scenarios = a pretty good ski lesson!

A ski session is like a nice custom shaped dress. Just tell me what colour and shape it has to have and I’ll try to make the best possible for you!

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