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Joe is an easy going, friendly instructor with a passion for the mountain environment and all that comes with it. Joe has skied since he can remember, travelling and working from Japan to New Zealand before discovering the beautiful mountains of Switzerland and falling in love.

In the summer months you can find him riding his mountain bike around the Cotswolds, climbing hills in Wales or simply relaxing in the sun.

Joe always rises to the challenge, relishing the chance to pass on the sport that he loves so, with an infectious grin that is bound to rub off on you!

Steve was the perfect choice for teaching Hamish and his Mum! He absolutely made the week for us in every possible way. Good sensible teaching, knowing how to pace us, extremely good fun and good company. Steve is a born teacher, very enthusiastic and calm in a 'mini' crisis! (Getting Mum down testing red run in whiteout conditions!). Hamish, after 15 yr break from skiing, progressed with Steve beyond all expectations. Do hope we can book him again in the future.


Judy was just the instructor I needed to give me confidence in the slopes. Really enjoyed my lesson with her today. Thanks Judy!


Martin was good fun, chatty and made our daughters feel very relaxed. He changed their perception of ski instructors and they only want to be taught by him in future!


Luca was the best ski instructor I have ever had across many years and in many ski schools and resorts. He combines a friendly and relaxed attitude with total professionalism and excellent knowledge of the mountains. I was very impressed in particular with the following aspects:

  1. He was able to instantly spot the problems with my technique and address them very quickly through both appropriate explanation and series of progressive exercises to change my bad habits.
  2. He knew the ski area and where it was appropriate to go in variable conditions inside out.
  3. On top of the practical knowledge of skiing technique he was very keen to pass on knowledge about appropriate safety in terms of off piste skiing (appropriate equipment, snow pack analysis, theory of how avalanches occur and what to be aware of at different times of year, training on using transceiver): i really like this mix.
  4. He has very good balance of friendliness and being encouraging and serious professionalism

I also was really impressed and would want to learn from Luca's combination of a clear love of the mountains and skiing and a keen awareness of the importance of appropriate safety precautions and risk management in terms of off piste and back country skiing.

If I am ever in Zermatt again whether alone or with family or friends I will be sure to get lessons (off piste if possible) with Luca again. I was very, very happy with my lessons in terms of the progress I made and enjoyable experience. I will definitely recommend him to any friends looking for lessons in Zermatt.

I think Summit should be extremely happy to have Luca as an instructor. I think he is an excellent and valuable member of your team (and I say that having had the benefit of lessons with other very good Summit instructors in the past, but Luca stands out in positive way even compared to them in my view). Many thanks Luca!


We had one refresher lesson with David. It was great and we really benefitted from the excellent way he explained what we should be aiming to achieve.  Next time, we will book a few lessons with him!


Paul is amazing. The lessons were really informative and helpful. I made significant progress during the three days and my friends were impressed by how much I learned.


Brilliant personality and a fantastic instructor - James made our holiday. We'll always remember to feel the shins and open the newspaper - we're loving the dreads man!


Really liked his style of teaching which was very different to what I've had before over the years from various instructors - not too much information/just enough verbal instruction


Had an absolute blast with Niamh on a couple of snowboard lessons. I always put off getting lessons, but really can't say how much I enjoyed the sessions with Summit and I can't wait to book another


Emma is very friendly and make learning ski fun. She is the reason I returned to Zermatt twice in one season. My first ski lesson with Emma was in end of Dec / Jan 2017 (4 days) than returned in April 2017 and doing Red run with her was the greatest achievement I never thought possible.


3 reasons to ski with Joe

I truly believe there is a place for everyone on the mountain to ski and enjoy. In a lesson, I will devote myself to finding yours.

I am influenced by all types of skiing from racing to park skiing, so whatever your interests I can tailor a lesson for you.

I’ve got bags of patience and a smile on my face!

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