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Henry has been in Zermatt since 1999, he is one of the owners of Summit. He holds the BASI Level 4, Swiss & French equivalence and also works as a BASI Trainer, training and examining ski instructors. He’s taught all over the world and is passionate about playful skiing, using the terrain and having fun in the mountains.

He is a keen windsurfer and kite surfer when ever there is time and wind in the summer. He also works as a photographer, and loves experimenting with his camera and large lighting set ups!

Henry was a great instructor and was flexible with providing the level of support and itinerary suited to our needs


Henry spent 5 days with our group and it was most worthwhile - I feel like it allowed us to make the most out of limited time in Zermatt.

I hope he had a good time as well, even got to meet Erica and Cody and provided lots of suggestions as to what to name the new baby!


I only ski with H. Best chap I have ever met (ok he is the only chap I have met on slopes but still) on the slopes. Don't tell him that might get big headed.

I tell everyone about Summit. Figure I should get commission!

Can't wait till next visit


The best lessons we have ever had! Both Bryan and I have come away with lots of tips to improve our skiing for the future.


I made some serious improvements very fast, and Henry was a fantastic and friendly instructor. I really had a great time, and Henry saw where I was at, made the next steps easy to understand and possible for me to achieve. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I was all the better for it.


We wanted a session with a BASI trainer, plus Telemark lessons, Joe Beer suggested Henry, plus I'd already checked the website and knew about you fom previous trips to Zermatt


Henry is of course fab!


3 reasons to ski with Henry

As one of the oldest and wisest members of the team who’s been teaching in Zermatt for over a decade I can show you a great day out, make good improvements in your skiing and find the best snow.

Does the need for permanently groomed pistes bother you? Are you worried about the future of skiing and where it is going? Ha ha, I’m only joking (sort of!). I love skiing terrain not just perfectly flat pistes, so if you fancy making your skiing a bit more playful let’s go for a ski.

From my life before the mountains I have a BSc in Marine Biology and an MSc in Environmental Technology so think of the interesting conversations we could have…

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