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Chris has had ‘adventure’ in his blood all his life and became an outdoor instructor, well, let’s just say a while back. He became a qualified ski instructor 30 years ago and began teaching skiing for a Local Authority in Scotland as well as instructing in other outdoor activities such as canoeing and mountaineering. He first visited Zermatt at that time and has been coming back to ski here every year since.

He moved into industry as a Leadership Development Coach working with organisations such as the Scottish Government, FIAT and WWF. His whole professional career has been associated with training and developing people to become the very best they can be in whatever they do. He certainly applies this philosophy to his ski teaching at every level.

He has returned to Zermatt to become a full-time ski instructor during the winter and continues to live an adventurous lifestyle in Scotland in the summer. You will find him canoeing, cycling and sometimes heading to the Mediterranean (warmer) waters to scuba dive, but always having fun.

Paul was fantastic. We had a great lesson. He was very personable and patient...wish we had been able to spend longer with Summit and in Zermatt! Thank you

Dave always provides a superb lesson which just pushes me a little outside my comfort zone each time so that I finish with a feeling of great achievement.


Jamie was excellent. 4 middle aged women in the group - all a bit tentative at skiing. He was patient, light hearted, encouraging and very supportive.


The best lessons we have ever had! Both Bryan and I have come away with lots of tips to improve our skiing for the future.


James is just great! The skills that he told us through the 5 days were so practical and effective. We would like to definitely come back to Summit to have a private lesson with him next time when we are in Zermatt again. Thanks James!


I had the pleasure of being taught how to ski from an excellent teacher, George at Summit Ski School. I didn't know anything about skiing and my teacher taught me in 3 days how to ski for leisure.


My kids have not stopped talking about Judy and how much they enjoyed the week they spent skiing with her. They even wrote about her in their school journals! Judy was super -- she really got the girls excited about skiing, pointed my husband and I in the right direction for the more expert terrain, and was super company.

Paul was the perfect instructor for a very mixed group. He knew just what to do when teaching 2 teen agers and a group of teens and fathers. He changed his approach accordingly and everyone enjoyed the lessons.


I only ski with H. Best chap I have ever met (ok he is the only chap I have met on slopes but still) on the slopes. Don't tell him that might get big headed.

I tell everyone about Summit. Figure I should get commission!

Can't wait till next visit


Luca cheula is an amazing instructor. Have used his services two years in a row and cannot recommend him enough. We came back to Zermatt because of him.


3 reasons to ski with Chris

I have always loved helping people to develop new skills and I do this through building strong personal relationships, as well as understanding how different people learn best.

I’ve been in the adventure world for a long time. I know what is fun and where the limits are. The adventure starts by being safe, but by stretching new skills your adventure boundaries will grow.

Whatever age you are we all like a bit of fun! Zermatt is a very big adventure playground to be enjoyed and I know just the places to go!

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