Meeting points

Where to meet your instructor?

We use a number of meeting points. The piste map shows where they are and any extra information is detailed here on this page.

Your Summit instructor will be at the pre arranged meeting point in a bright blue uniform. They are all a friendly bunch so just ask one of them to point out who you are looking for.

1. The Summit Office

Our office in town is located in the Victoria Centre.

2. Bottom of Sunnegga Express

Outside the ticket office building, by the piste map.

3. Top of Sunnegga Express

Top of the Sunnegga Express funicular, by the large piste map outside the restauranty the piste map.

4. Bottom of Matterhorn Express

Outside the ticket office building, by the piste map.

5. Furi

Take the Matterhorn Express bubble lift and get off at Furi, the first stop (7 minute ride), instructor will be waiting outside the lift station.

6. Riffelberg

At the top of the Riffelberg Express.

7. Trockener Steg

At the top of the Matterhorn Express as you exit the bubble where you step on the snow.

Private lessons

You are free to meet the instructor wherever you choose. We normally suggest a place on the hill (see below) so you can get skiing straight away. Of course, your instructor can come and meet you at your hotel but this does mean some of the lesson time is spent travelling to the slopes.

Group lessons

Meet at Sunnegga from Sunday to Tuesday and at Furi from Wednesday to Friday (see below) so you get to see the whole ski area during the week.