George Tattersfield
Primrose Hill, London too many cafes, not enough snow.
Number of seasons teaching:
I sort of lost count at 35…. Started teaching skiing at Hemel now Centre aged 16, first winter in Zermatt 1984!
BASI Level 2
BASI Telemark

Having once been described as one of Zermatt’s original ski bums from the 80’s I happily admit that I’m one of the “more mature” members of the Summit team.

Seems a lifetime away from that, aged barely 18, I got off a train in Zermatt with a sleeping bag, 200ch francs and pair of skis without a clue but with a passion for skiing, a fresh ski instructors qualification in my pocket and a will to last a season.

Over 35 winter seasons later my passion for Zermatt, skiing and instructing hasn’t diminished one bit.

Renovating and running a private chalet meant I briefly left Zermatt, teaching and guiding my clients for 10 years in Chamonix, France before returning to Zermatt.

In the summer:
I spend summers running a small portfolio of rental properties in London which brings in the money. Running and cycling around Regents Park keeps me ski fit.

Doing the school run every day to make up for all the powder runs and blue sky days while trying to stay on top of the laundry mountain two teenage boys produce is probably a better description of my summers.
My Zermatt insider tip is:
Walk around in the early evening, watch the last light turn the Matterhorn pink, stroll the High Street like a European, after all window shopping is free, feeling that your in and part of a truly fashionable, cosmopolitan ski resort is priceless!

Try that hotel bar; don’t just stare through the window, most have a roaring fire, a warm welcome and a happy local guide chatting up the barmaid.
Just don’t end up dancing on the bar in your ski boots!

Spend a bad weather day in the Matterhorn Museum (did you know they found a cat on the top of the Matterhorn)!
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:
The dream would have been to be flying for some heli-ski operation in Alaska. Flying was my other obsession as a kid. Flying my Dad’s Cessna up and down the British Isles later led to a commercial helicopters licence. If you catch me enviously watching Air Zermatt Helicopters perform some incredible bit of flying you’ll know why.
3 reasons to ski with me:
1. Over 3 decades of skiing and teaching every winter and hundreds of happy clients have made me a professional conciderate instructor whatever level you are or hope to be. You don’t last in this business if you don’t care or aren’t truely professional.

2. Being older and a father means I understand the trials, costs and pitfalls of skiing as a family or timid skier in Zermatt. I pride myself as a good safe pair of hands for you or the less adventurous members of your party whatever their age, ability or temperament.
3. I’m often saddened by clients stories of instructors they’ve had in other resorts/schools. Rest assured I’ll use my calm mature demeanour, extensive experience, sense of fun and knowledge of Zermatt, its lift system, weather and crowds to maximise your experience in Switzerland’s best resort.