Chris Simmonds
Number of seasons teaching:
Too many to count!
BASI Level 2

‘Adventure’ is my mantra and I spend as much time as I can Skiing, Mountaineering, Cycling, Diving and Kayaking. I am a qualified instructor in Scotland and help people to enjoy the outdoors skills at every level. Enjoying life to the full is important to me – why else would I be ‘living the dream’ by working in Zermatt as a ski instructor.

I am also work in industry as a Leadership Development Coach. I have always been involved with training and developing people to become the very best they can be… Surely, life doesn’t get better than this.

In the summer:
You will find me cycling, canoeing or mountaineering in the outdoor playground in and around Scotland. Though, I will sometimes head to the Mediterranean (warmer) waters to scuba dive, but I’m always having fun. I also try to find time to fit in some Leadership Development Coaching if I’m not having too much fun in the outdoors.
My Zermatt insider tip is:
If you are new to Zermatt, get an instructor to show you around – it’ll save you loads of time.
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:
I’m already living the dream – is there anything else?
3 reasons to ski with me:
1. I have always loved helping people to develop new skills and I do this through building relationships and understanding how different people learn best.
2. I’ve been in the adventure world for a long time. I know what is fun and where the limits are. Adventure starts by being safe, but by stretching new skills your adventure boundaries will grow.
3. What ever age you are we all like a bit of fun! Zermatt is a very big adventure playground to be enjoyed and I know just the places to go!