Team Calendar Winter 2020/21

We have put the team calendar on line this year so you have access to it wherever you are and we can do our bit for the environment by printing a few less pages! 

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december, 2020


03decAll Day05Team TrainingPre season training for the whole team

04dec17:00Skier analysis

05dec13:0017:00Team Lunch

07decAll Day11Training Block 1Get the basics dialled

07dec13:0016:00Resort Worker Lessons

08dec13:0016:00Resort Worker Lessons

09dec13:0016:00Resort Worker Lessons

10dec13:0016:00Resort Worker Lessons

11dec13:0016:00Resort Worker Lessons

14dec00:0000:00HEP Chat

15dec17:0018:00Brochure run

21decAll Day03janXmas peak weeks

30dec20:0023:00Full moon skin


21decAll Day03janXmas peak weeks

08jan13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

08jan19:0023:00After peak week curry night

09janAll DayWorld Cup GS - Adelboden

10janAll DayWorld Cup SL - Adelboden

11jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 2

12jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 2

13jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 2

14jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 2

15jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 2

15jan13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

18jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 3

19jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 3

20jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 3

21jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 3

22jan09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 3

22jan13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

28jan20:0023:00Full moon skin

29jan13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

30janAll DayTHE BEANO!


01feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 4

02feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 4

03feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 4

04feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 4

05feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 4

05feb13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

08feb17:0020:00Mid season chats with HEP

09feb17:0020:00Mid season chats with HEP

10feb17:0020:00Mid season chats with HEP

12feb13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

14febAll Day20Half term peak week

20feb19:3023:00Post half term burger night

22feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 5

23feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 5

24feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 5

25feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 5

26feb09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 5

26feb13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

27feb20:0023:00Full moon skin


05mar13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

08mar09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 6

09mar09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 6

10mar09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 6

11mar09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 6

12mar09:0017:00Level 4 Training Block 6

12mar13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

19mar13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

26mar13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

28mar20:0023:00Full moon skin


02apr13:0016:00Friday afternoon training

04aprAll Day10Easter peak week