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Paul Hammett

Paul Hammett


Paul is one of the founding directors of Summit. He has lived in Zermatt for many years and loves the mountains in both summer and winter.

He has a passion for all aspects of skiing but especially likes the fresh tracks on powder days. Paul is one of the most photogenic members of the Summit team.

3 reasons to ski with Paul:

1. I’ve been skiing and teaching in Zermatt long enough that I’m sure I can help you improve your skiing without us getting lost along the way.

2. I have the enthusiasm to make your time here as great as possible because I love skiing and Zermatt even more than you do.

3. I’ve got the kind of sense of humour that makes it hard to take lists like this seriously.

Without doubt the best lesson we have ever had in 20 years + of lessons for meeting our specified objectives. Thank you!


Paul is the best ski instructor I have ever had. He even sent me the skiing video what he made on my last day. Thank you very much Paul!


Paul is fantastic. He is professional, curious and extremely patient with first time skiers.:-)


Paul was the perfect instructor for a very mixed group. He knew just what to do when teaching 2 teen agers and a group of teens and fathers. He changed his approach accordingly and everyone enjoyed the lessons.


Paul is amazing. The lessons were really informative and helpful. I made significant progress during the three days and my friends were impressed by how much I learned.


Paul rocks!!!