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In winter Max comes to Zermatt to satisfy his main passion, skiing. He loves all areas of skiing with an exceptionally strong passion for the rougher terrain. He loves to meet new people and try to pass on his love for being active in the mountain environment.

He adores being outdoors and being active, in the summer he runs a Beach Deck Chair concession in his home Jersey CI. Where he also gets to enjoy his other favourite sport, surfing.

The lessons were for 2 children, it was their first proper ski holiday. Max had a great balance of motivation/friendliness and authority with the children (much needed with 2 excited children, and reassuring for us parents!). Both Joe and Harriet raved about how good Max's lessons were.


Even though it wasn't my first time skiing, it was definitely the most valuable ski experience. Since it was my first time taking a lesson from a professional instructor, the two hours with Max were worth while for the next couple of days I spent in Zermatt.

Next time, with a better planning from my side, I will put more time into these valuable lessons.


3 reasons to ski with Max

I get a real thrill from teaching new techniques and skills to my clients, so they can explore and enjoy more parts of the mountain.

I guarantee I will never run out of energy and enthusiasm while skiing with my clients, I’m always up for one more run no matter how intense the day has been!

It’s your holiday and I will do my best to ensure you have the best possible time while your here.


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