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Since leaving school Louis has pursued his passion of skiing, teaching and filming. He has instructed all over the world from New Zealand, Japan, USA and now Switzerland. Louis also competes in Big Mountain skiing in the Freeride World Qualifier events.
He loves all aspects of skiing, from ripping fresh groomers first thing in the morning to hiking in the back country in search of the perfect line.
In the summer months whilst everyone is getting their tan on, Louis is skiing at Treble Cone in New Zealand.

Martin was good fun, chatty and made our daughters feel very relaxed. He changed their perception of ski instructors and they only want to be taught by him in future!


My daughters had 3 mornings with Faye and she was excellent. The girls really liked her and they both made major improvements in their skiing.


Dave always provides a superb lesson which just pushes me a little outside my comfort zone each time so that I finish with a feeling of great achievement.


Tom was absolutely first class with the 4 children. We couldn't have asked for more in terms of flexibility, patience, enthusiasm and energy and the children loved his approach and learnt a lot. We very much hope to be back in 9 months and will be in touch and hope he will be available and happy to take the children on again!


I felt we all made some good progress with our skiing this year. From experience we know the groups are always small. This year there was just the 3 of us (our family), so it was just like a private lesson


My kids have not stopped talking about Judy and how much they enjoyed the week they spent skiing with her. They even wrote about her in their school journals! Judy was super -- she really got the girls excited about skiing, pointed my husband and I in the right direction for the more expert terrain, and was super company.


I was SO impressed with Phoebe, but in short - punctual, professional, easy to spend time with. but most importantly an incredible instiller of confidence. I'm sat in London DREAMING about the slopes after my lessons with her, and I used to HATE skiing.


It was our 2nd time with Victoria and she was really friendly. She also made lessons interesting by bringing us around Zermatt to ski, in which we could also explore the different ski slopes.

He is an excellent instructor. He focusses on key information to improve skiiing instead of bombarding information. My ski skills improved significantly more than with other previous instructors.

Phoebe is quite possibly the best instructor I've ever had. and given that i've been an adult learner for roughly the last 8 years on and off that is quite a statement! She was punctual, friendly, and easy to talk to - the things some take for granted.

But on top of this she was great at picking up on my ability level within the first 20 mins of lesson one, and then pushing me enough to build my confidence, without scaring me. Following the solid foundations of 2 mornings with Phoebe I went on to ski the majority of the Zermatt ski area, including a very long moguled red over by the glacier!

In two 3 hour sessions Phoebe achieved what so many before her did not - she made me believe that I am capable of skiing confidently and proficiently. I have never enjoyed any of my lessons as much as I enjoyed the 2 I had with her.



3 reasons to ski with Louis

My goal is to share my passion for skiing with the people I teach and to make sure the client gets the most out of the lesson.

Skiing is what I live for, nothing gets me more stoked.

One of the most important things is that the lesson would be based around each individuals goal’s in their skiing.

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