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Jack has been skiing since he was a kid, this will be his 5th ski season and 4rd in Zermatt. He loves what the town and the surrounding mountains have to offer.

Jack is well on his way to completing his instructor qualifications and when he’s not smashing carving turns on piste he loves playing in the powder off piste (or whatever he can have fun with).

When teaching Jack is very patient and knowledgeable, he’s sure to get the best out of you in your lessons and make your holiday the best it can be.

It was our 2nd time with Victoria and she was really friendly. She also made lessons interesting by bringing us around Zermatt to ski, in which we could also explore the different ski slopes.

My daughters had 3 mornings with Faye and she was excellent. The girls really liked her and they both made major improvements in their skiing.


Heidi was fantastic. I will definitely ski with her again next year.

Hi I would just like to say a big thank you to Reed for his help on Saturday! He made it very easy learn teaching me the basics and getting me down the mountain! I was more than impressed with the quality of the 3 hours and came away at a level far more than I thought I would have. He was very easy going thanks again.

Even though it wasn't my first time skiing, it was definitely the most valuable ski experience. Since it was my first time taking a lesson from a professional instructor, the two hours with Max were worth while for the next couple of days I spent in Zermatt.

Next time, with a better planning from my side, I will put more time into these valuable lessons.


Ash was fantastic with my disabled son Oliver and made us as parents feel totally relaxed and confident of his experience and abilities with the sit-ski. He was very attentive to Oliver's enjoyment of the session at all times.


I felt we all made some good progress with our skiing this year. From experience we know the groups are always small. This year there was just the 3 of us (our family), so it was just like a private lesson


Judy was just the instructor I needed to give me confidence in the slopes. Really enjoyed my lesson with her today. Thanks Judy!


Simply outstanding! Dave made sure he understood what we wanted and delivered it in spades (or even snow shovels)!


Heidi was fantastic. I will definitely ski with her again next year.


3 reasons to ski with Jack

Whatever your level, I’m sure I can develop your skiing.

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t skied for a while, I’ll be patient and helpful and get you to where you want to be.

I like skiing and I want you too like it just as much.

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