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Heidi Kynoch

Heidi Kynoch


Heidi is a winter addict, with this being her 12th consecutive season! As well as teaching in Zermatt, she also works on the south island of New Zealand at Treble Cone.

Skiing for 230+ days per year doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but when she gets the chance Heidi makes things out of pallets and tries to remember what summer is.

3 reasons to ski with Heidi:

1. I have heaps of experience, from first timer 3 year olds to instructor training and everything in between. I can tailor a session to suit, whether it’s confidence, tips and tricks or in depth technical instruction, I can create the perfect lesson for you.

2. I ski because I love it, and so should you! Having a good time is the first step to improving. That, and looking good.

3. I’m a geek. Skis, technique, competition etc etc I can be your skiing encyclopaedia of all things skiing related!?

Heidi was fantastic. I will definitely ski with her again next year.


We love Heidi!