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Faye Leedham


Faye started skiing as a teen with school, instantly fell in love with the sport and decided to make a career out of it. Being in the snow sports industry nearly 10 seasons working as a ski and snowboard instructor, Faye has been able to travel the world from New Zealand, Canada, Italy and now for a second season in Zermatt.

3 reasons to ski with Faye:

1. I love skiing and snowboarding. I could not pick which one I prefer.  What I do know is that you will love either one just as much as I do.

2. I have the patience of a saint, so if you lack in confidence. I am your girl.

3. Let’s just go!

My daughters had 3 mornings with Faye and she was excellent. The girls really liked her and they both made major improvements in their skiing.


I am particularly grateful to Hannah for having recommended Faye to be my granddaughter, Nina's, instructor. Nina had had a bad experience with another ski school in Zermatt and Faye's friendly, gentle professionalism helped put Nina back on the right track!


Faye was amazing! She pushed me at the right pace and was very patient and encouraging. She really helped me progress and helped my confidence on the board. I shall be asking for her next year!