What is slopestyle?

Soplestyle can be anything from using the terrain to help you enjoy all runs to jibbing around and practicing flatland moves all the way up to hitting the park and the big kickers.

Who is it for?

Everyone! If you want to make the mountain your playground and be more comfortable whatever the terrain then come and have a ski with us.

Half Day Lessons

2.5 hours am – 230chf
4 hours am – 340chf

2.5 hours pm – 195chf

Other lesson durations are available on request

3 hours am 320chf
3 hours pm 290chf
4 hours am 410chf
Weeks of 21/12/16 – 3/1/17 & 12/02/17 -18/02/17

Full Day Lessons

5 hours* – 415chf
No limit full day** – 490chf

* 5 hour lessons can be straight through (e.g. 9am-2pm) or with a 1 hour break for lunch. (e.g. 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm)
** Start and finish whenever you like

No limit full day 590chf

Weeks of 21/12/16 – 3/1/17 & 12/02/17 -18/02/17

Slopestyle Team

Joe McCrirrick

Joe McCrirrick

Bio: Joe is an easy going, friendly instructor with a passion for the mountain environment and all that comes with it. Joe has skied since he can remember, travelling and…

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James Fielding

James Fielding

Bio: James is a relaxed easy going instructor who loves every aspect of skiing and mountain life.  He is just as comfortable shredding the pistes/off piste/itinerary runs as he is…

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