Can my instructor take me to Italy?

Yes, if you are a good skier and meet early you can head over there in a half-day lesson, but if you really want to explore the ski area it is better to do it for the full day. Your instructor will then be able to take you to a great Italian lunch spot and […]

How many lessons will I need as a beginner?

Good question. One lesson will introduce you to the basics of the equipment, controlling speed and turning. You will need more than one lesson before you can safely head out onto the slopes. We’d suggest a minimum of 3 half days to start. That way you get time to practice (or rest) the second part […]

What’s the difference between private lessons and guiding?

A private lesson will focus on making you better at skiing/snowboarding. This will normally involve assessing your current level, making a plan of what you’d like to change and then learning/practicing skills to help you develop. This could, in theory, happen while just looping around the same lift all day. A full day guiding will […]

Can I share a private lesson with someone who is a different level?

Yes, you can organise the private lesson however you like. If your levels are very different, it may be better for the instructor to spend half of it with one person and half with the other. It is best if you discuss it with the instructor directly.

You have a maximum of 4 in a group, can I have more in a private lesson?

Yes, you can have as many as you like in a private lesson. Just be aware if there are too many the instructor will be spending the whole lesson counting people to check everyone is there!

What languages are private lessons taught in?

We have instructors who can teach in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian

Where do I meet my instructor for private lessons?

Wherever you like. We would suggest meeting by one of the ski lifts to get the most ski time but if you would like your instructor to meet you at the hotel then that is no problem at all

Can I take a private lesson for my kids?

Yes of course. We have instructors who are especially adept at teaching children and will make sure your kids have a ball while they learn.