You have a maximum of 4 in a group, can I have more in a private lesson?

Yes, you can have as many as you like in a private lesson. Just be aware if there are too many the instructor will be spending the whole lesson counting people to check everyone is there!

Why are Summit groups so small?

Our groups are designed to maximise improvement. Bigger groups lead to more time waiting for others and less time having the instructor’s focus on you individually. Although very sociable, those traditionally huge ski school groups definitely slow down progression. If you want to improve your skiing and be sociable while you’re in Zermatt, take a […]

What is the maximum group size in Summit groups?

Our adult groups have a maximum of 4 per instructor. This makes sure everyone has huge amounts of individual feedback and the group get the maximum amount of skiing in.

What languages are Summit groups taught in?

English. We teach the groups only in English so there is no repeating tasks and feedback in lots of languages. The aim is to spend as much time skiing as possible.

Where do Summit groups meet?

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Top of the Sunnegga Express by the big piste map Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – At Furi, outside the lift station. This gives us the chance to show you the whole ski area during the week. Adult and kids groups meet in the same place each day so family members […]

What happens if I choose the wrong level group?

At the start of the week the groups will start in similar areas and so the instructors can check everyone is the correct level. We will try and move you to an appropriate level if you are in the wrong group but if there is no space then this will not be possible.

Will the group definitely run?

YES. Our groups never get cancelled. If there is only 1 person in the group, it will run for 2 hours instead of 3 hours.

Do I need to book kids groups in advance?

We would recommend you book kids groups as early as you can. We have a maximum of 6 in a group and only a few kids groups running.

Do children get an award at the end of the week?

We have our own certificate of achievement that the instructor will fill out and give the child. This gives each child a few goals and tasks through the week, details what they have done and the skills they’ve learned. It also suggests the group the instructor thinks would be the best fit the following season.

Should my child wear a helmet?

We would recommend that all children wear a helmet. In Italy it is a legal requirement that children under 16 wear helmets