Whether it happens while skiing or not, an injury can be a great challenge. Even if an injury isn’t completely life changing, it can be hard to get back into sport and even harder to get back to approaching a sport with the same confidence you previously had. Firstly, it’s vital that you follow the […]

Zermatt for advanced skiers

If you like challenging black runs or want to head further afield off-piste, you’ll love what Zermatt has to offer. Each of the areas has black pistes and even challenging reds to keep the most expert skiers happy. Zermatt also has itinerary (yellow) pistes that are well marked and are opened and closed like normal […]

Making the move to off piste skiing

Experienced skiers will tell you: “There’s nothing quite like off piste skiing” “Fresh tracks in virgin snow is the best feeling in the world” “It’s like floating on air!” Are they right? Yes. Is skiing off piste always like that? Nope. Is it like that the first time you try it? Absolutely not. But is […]

Are all ski instructors created equal?

You book a lesson and get allocated an instructor. An instructor is an instructor is an instructor, right? Surely any one of them can teach you all you need to know? Well, to a point, yes. But… Nationality An instructor’s nationality can make a difference. Quite apart from any cultural differences, the qualification systems of […]

Winter 2017/18 in photos

The season kicked off with 2 weeks training. Conditions were great for the early season and it’s always good to get everyone together after the summer. We share some ideas on teaching, look at our skiing and anyone new to Summit gets to know what we are about and where the best skiing is Then […]

Zermatt for beginner skiers

For complete beginners, Zermatt is a really good place to start your skiing career.

A useful guide to Zermatt for Intermediate skiers

Intermediate skiers who are comfortable on blue runs and most reds will have a great time exploring the Zermatt ski area. The Sunnegga area is a great place to start. Nice easy blue runs below Blauherd and down to Findeln will get the day started confidently. The Tuftern red run is a great run to […]

What should I be looking for in a ski school?

There are many factors to choosing the right school to work for. In no particular order, here are a few that you might want to consider. What resort is it in? Before looking at schools, you should have an idea of where you want to work. Obviously the country you choose is a huge factor but […]

Cervinia ski area

ACCESS Take the highest ski lift in Europe right up to the top of the Zermatt ski area, Klein Matterhorn. From here you can ski down the glacier (which is in fact the summer ski area) and either turn back towards Zermatt or head over to the Italian ski resorts of Cervinia and Val Tournanche. […]

Klein Matterhorn and Schwarzsee

Head up the Matterhorn Expresss 8-man gondola to access this side of the mountain. The first stop on the Matterhorn Express is Furi. When Summit instructors meet guests on this side of the mountain we usually suggest meeting at Furi as there are so many options where to go next. From Furi you can head […]