COVID Update – September 28th 2020

In the last 2 weeks we have turned the corner and winter is well on the way now. the end of last week saw a dusting of snow in town and the temperatures have dropped to single figures.  We are still busy preparing for the season ahead. Some of the changes this week make that […]

Be a skier and a ski instructor

The process of becoming an instructor has changed a lot over the last decade or so. It used to be that if you were a good skier with lots of time on snow (maybe even seasons working in ski resorts), you could choose to hone your skills and take instructor exams. Then with the appearance […]

COVID update – September 14th 2020

Another 2 weeks have gone by and we drift closer to the winter. Like everyone else we are still uncertain as to what will happen but we remain positive that there will be skiing to be had, the mountains will be open and hopefully travel restrictions will n0t get tighter.  A coalition of Swiss tourism […]

Keeping Busy on a chairlift – The Wildlife of Zermatt

When skiing it is inevitable that we spend a proportion of our time on chair lifts and gondolas. We all fill this time with small talk, discussing the weather and of course what our après plans are for that afternoon, however chairlifts are also a great opportunity for some wildlife spotting! Zermatt along with Randa […]

COVID update – September 2nd 2020

As the summer holidays draw to a close it’s the time of year we would all be getting excited about skiing. This year we are still excited but there is so much uncertainty ahead. Here at Summit we are keeping a close eye on how this evolves and are going to publish a post every […]

Summit’s response to the Coronavirus

What happened last winter? In the middle of March last winter, the Swiss government declared the measures in the fight against Coronavirus would include the closure of ski resort lift systems. Although hotels remained open, all bars and restaurants were also closed and visitors to Zermatt were advised to return home. This very quickly and […]

Climbing in Zermatt

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a skier or snowboarder, and skiers / snowboarders are generally: somewhat sporty, happy challenging themselves, not averse to the occasional dose of adrenaline, like the outdoors and, in particular, like being in the mountains. If any, or all, of these apply to you, then maybe you’re looking for […]

Inclusivity in the mountains

The incredible thing about the increase of technology in the ski industry is the accessibility of the mountains. We see that in Zermatt every day, whether it’s the funicular dug through a mountain up to Sunnegga or the new 3S gondola up to Klein Matterhorn. If you think about it critically it’s incredible that we as a species […]

Making the most of lockdown

Bored? Stuck in lockdown with nothing to do? Reminiscing about that time you were in the mountains skiing freely? Look no further, here’s my guide to lockdown.  I’ve seen some great, some not so great improvisations on social media coming out of the ski world in the last month, from make shift chairlifts in the […]

What to Watch: Women’s Freeskiing

2020 would have been the year of women’s freeskiing, had it not become the year of ski resort closures. The level of women’s freeride and freestyle skiing is rocketing, and women are increasingly represented in ski films. The premature season finish cut short everybody’s tricks, lines, and features in the pipeline. Not to worry, I […]