Summit’s response to the Coronavirus

What happened last winter? In the middle of March last winter, the Swiss government declared the measures in the fight against Coronavirus would include the closure of ski resort lift systems. Although hotels remained open, all bars and restaurants were also closed and visitors to Zermatt were advised to return home. This very quickly and […]

Climbing in Zermatt

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a skier or snowboarder, and skiers / snowboarders are generally: somewhat sporty, happy challenging themselves, not averse to the occasional dose of adrenaline, like the outdoors and, in particular, like being in the mountains. If any, or all, of these apply to you, then maybe you’re looking for […]

When does it snow?

Or when is the good snow? Good question. The accurate answer… mainly in winter. Beyond that, it’s hard to give any hard and fast answers as there aren’t clearly defined patterns really. We’ve had snow in the village in August and we’ve had rainfall at Christmas. We’ve had metres of snow in town pre season […]

Mountaineering in Zermatt

Here at Summit, we’re skiers first and foremost. There’s a good chance you are too if you’re reading this. Our best days of the year are generally in winter. So what do we do in the summer months…well there is something special about mountaineering in Zermatt I love skiing but I’ve never made the trip […]

Skiing after an injury

Whether it happens while skiing or not, an injury can be a great challenge. Even if an injury isn’t completely life changing, it can be hard to get back into sport and even harder to get back to approaching a sport with the same confidence you previously had. Firstly, it’s vital that you follow the […]

Zermatt for advanced skiers

If you like challenging black runs or want to head further afield off-piste, you’ll love what Zermatt has to offer. Each of the areas has black pistes and even challenging reds to keep the most expert skiers happy. Zermatt also has itinerary (yellow) pistes that are well marked and are opened and closed like normal […]

Making the move to off piste skiing

Experienced skiers will tell you: “There’s nothing quite like off piste skiing” “Fresh tracks in virgin snow is the best feeling in the world” “It’s like floating on air!” Are they right? Yes. Is skiing off piste always like that? Nope. Is it like that the first time you try it? Absolutely not. But is […]

Matterhorn photography…taking photos of our famous mountain

The Matterhorn is the world’s most photographed peak! It’s not a fact, I just made that up. But I can’t think of a mountain with such visitor numbers where people spend days skiing, hiking or just using the lift system around it. Surely nobody leaves Zermatt without a whole bunch of Matterhorn photographs? Wherever you […]

How to get the most out of a private lesson

“I need to get better, I’ll book a private lesson” Why would you need to think any further than this? Well, yes, just turning up to a lesson and telling your instructor “I want to work on my corners” will give them somewhere to start, but instructors can offer so much more if they’re clearer […]

Are all ski instructors created equal?

You book a lesson and get allocated an instructor. An instructor is an instructor is an instructor, right? Surely any one of them can teach you all you need to know? Well, to a point, yes. But… Nationality An instructor’s nationality can make a difference. Quite apart from any cultural differences, the qualification systems of […]