Zermatt…Snow sure skiing all winter

It goes without saying that each winter, whichever ski resort you are in there is a hope for plenty of snow, and then a bit more. It’s hard not to have a huge smile on your face when you notice it’s dumping outside and you realise that tomorrow is going to be an epic powder […]

Summer hikes in Zermatt

Zermatt is an enormously popular summer hiking destination, with around 400 km of trails. Picturesque lakes, hikes up to the snow line or down in the larch forests, views out to the 4000m peaks that surround this area (all 38 of them), picnic spots and gourmet mountain restaurants are just some of the things you […]

What makes a good ski instructor?

There is a huge diversity in the types of lessons that we teach. The age and ability of our clients, their learning styles, their individual goals, snow and weather conditions, etc, are just some of the factors involved. No lesson is ever the same. In different situations, different elements become more important, and the best […]

Hiking to the Schönbielhut

On Wednesday afternoon Henry and I decided to take a hike together and headed off for the Schönbielhütte, just the two of us… no kids! The Schönbielhütte (2694m) is an attractive mountain hut at the end of the Zmutt valley, across the valley floor from the awesome north face of the Matterhorn and in view […]