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Adult Groups

The easiest and most affordable way to learn to ski. We have made our groups an accessible way for everyone to improve. Read below for more information about our adult group lessons.


Kids Groups

We have Kids Club for 6-12 year olds and New Schoolers for 13 – 16 year olds. They run in the same format as the adult groups so meeting up is no problem. Click here for more information.


All groups run Sunday – Friday, 9am – 12pm

Why book a Summit Group Lesson over any other group in Zermatt?

Ultimate flexibility

Our groups run 6 mornings a week, you can choose how many and which days you would like to join. Running Sunday – Friday the groups will have a progression through the week and you will cover something new each day. You are welcome to join every session or take days off to suit you. Balance your need to improve your skiing with spending holiday time with friends and relatives or just exploring the mountain.

Small group sizes

Our small group size means that everyone gets plenty of individual attention and feedback. A group of up to 6 people will move around the mountain faster, leaving the instructor more time to focus on the technical skills of the class. The whole group will progress more and make great steps forward in their skiing.

Entirely English speaking

Our groups are taught only in English. The instructor won’t have to repeat their explanations in a couple of languages to make sure the whole group understands, which leaves more time to ski and practice. Also, instructors teaching in their native language can be clearer with their technical explanations and the nuances of the English language.

6 different levels

We have 6 levels ranging from beginners who have never skied through to experts skiing the entire mountain. Click here to find out more about our levels

We will never cancel a group once there are people booked in

With only 1 or 2 people booked in the group will run just for 2 hours rather than 3.
Once the group has 3 people it will run for the full 3 hours.

Meeting Points

Check this page out to see our meeting points. In our groups we aim to cover as much of the terrain as appropriate so you get the most out of the ski area. Also you can see where to find us in town.

Winter Piste Map.1

What's my level?

To get the most out of a group lesson it is important that you join the correct level. We have some videos to help you figure out the correct level for you. If you need more info then please give us a call.


Paul talks about Summit group lessons